Yet Another Brand New Start

It has been a long time since my last time writing a public article online. Here am I back, with the feeling to continue sharing my thoughts and stories with the world.

I used to write on QZone, Blogger, Baidu Hi, Renren, etc. However, they are either no longer a good platform to keep me thinking, or dead and blocked here at China. Same for the other popular platforms such as Medium, Tumblr, etc. After a timely survey, I find Ghost is a programmer-friendly[1] modern publishing and CMS platform. So let's get a brand new start.

For my old posts, I will gradually move valuable and meaningful ones to here. Since I am close to graduation on pursuing PhD at Tsinghua University, and I spend all my years (from a 1st-year freshman to a 5th-year PhD lol) building up and leading the great empire[2] of Lab μ Geek Association at Tsinghua with dear friends, I will probably start by writing all these experience :D

See you in the next post.

  1. Open source! Code snippets friendly! Markdown! Docker deployable! ... ↩︎

  2. Just a joke, it's more like a republic... or something like the complicated Roma? ↩︎